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Raptors make a great subject for Science Projects

With a science project on Raptors, you could explore their habits, sounds or habitat with lots of information, photographs, charts and whatever else you might imagine. This web site is filled with information that could help you create an interesting project.

See Resident Raptors and you might choose a species you want to focus on, or the Education section has information you might want to present, and you might want to read some of the Articles in that section for other ideas.

Or you could research a question of interest to you. Here's one great idea that a 4th grade student came up with. She contacted us from New York and we were delighted to help...

Rachel & Her Raptor Science Project "Hi! My name is Rachel and I am in the fourth grade at Dayton Avenue School in Manorville, NY. While my father was driving to work, an owl swooped down and barely missed his car. My father has flown an American flag on his car since September 11th. I was wondering if the owl was attracted to the flag, or if the noise from the flag had saved the owl from getting hit. Since September 11th, many people have put flags on their cars. Were the flags helping or hurting the raptors?

To figure out this question, I e-mailed different raptor rehabilitation centers across the country and asked if they had seen a change in raptor injuries since 9/11, compared to the same time last year. Of the 30 centers that answered my email, 23 reported no change. One reported a decrease, and 4 reported an increase.

Since most reported no change in raptor injuries since 9/11, my conclusion was that flags flown on cars since September 11th have not really affected raptor injuries by cars. I had a great time doing this project and learned a lot about raptors. I even won first place in my school science fair and went to Brookhaven National Lab to present my project with all the other winners from my county. Now my Dad can show his patriotism without worrying about the raptors!"

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